2009.03.07 - Kick Off Event

1). Form a career networking group for parents to exchange ideas/information, share experience, and support each other.
2). Provide a broad view on what’s going in various industry segments in the current economy.
3). Identify areas for planning (e.g. financial, medical care, skill development) to prepare and deal with the tough economy.

Kick off Date/Time:  March 7, 2009 Saturday, 1:30- 3:00 p.m.
Location:  MHCS, Student Lounge, Watchung Hill Regional High School, Watchung, NJ

Panelists:    Wei-Ching Lin, Grace Huang, Telecommunication
                      Jeff Kao, Michael Min, Rick Law IT
                      Eric Sun, Pharmaceutical
                      Jack Chao, Education
                      Wen-Dar Chen, Finance                     
Moderator:  Yuan-Fen Lee